At Stratosphere, our mission is to make organizations more efficient, work more meaningful, and engagement more impactful.

Operational Efficiency

“Work smarter, not harder,” is the prevailing wisdom. With Pega Infinity, you can do both. Pega’s core case management capabilities allows you to route the right work to the right people at the right time in order to most effectively resolve it in ways that are best for your business and the customer. Reduce turn-around times, automatically process simple tasks, and provide escalation paths for more complex issues using the power of Pega.

Meaningful Work

The sad truth about much of modern work is that people spend an exceptional amount of time not doing their job. It’s not that they’re not motivated to do so, but they are simply overwhelmed by small, repetitive, and non-value-add tasks that pile up day after day and prevent them from performing the duties for which they were actually hired in a way that gives their work meaning. Our goal is the make life better for your staff by removing as many of these trivial tasks through sensible automation, reducing turnover and leaving your employees to do what they do best in serving your customers.

Impactful Engagement

The face of your digital presence is the face of your organization. We must aim to provide a rich and meaningful customer experience for everyone that interacts with you, providing a prositive impact to your brand by providing clear, crisp user experiences that deliver services and information quickly and easily, reducing calls to customer service representatives through effective self-service options.

Strato + Pega

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