The Power of Pega

Whether you are just getting started with Pega, or are looking to scale up your existing footprint, effective Governance, Enablement, and Delivery across all of your teams can vastly increase the speed and quality of delivery in your Pega practice.

About COE

A Center of Excellence (COE) is a team of experts in business process management, customer relationship management, and business domain. It is a self-directing entity responsible for supporting business users and shepherding complex projects to successful completion.

The purpose of a Pega COE is to empower enterprises to get the most out of Pega technology, not only within key teams but across the entire organization.

COE Workbench

We have created the Stratosphere COE Workbench to address the needs of your growing practice, where tribal knowledge and one-dimensional spreadsheets fail to capture the complexities of your enterprise. Capture practices, programs, projects, and reusable components across the organization to promote effective reuse and drive operational efficiency.

Approaching The Problem

Common processes need to be built as common components, but all too often they are not. Rather than innovating, teams spend time building the same features again and again, leading to wasted time, wasted money, and inconsistent behavior.

Pega is designed to leverage reuse of common components in ways never before possible, but without effective governance there is a gap in how teams organize and communicate what exists.

An effective Center of Excellence, enhanced with the capability to track your enterprise assets with the Stratosphere COE Workbench, can dramatically improve the return on your Pega investment.

The Three Pillars of Excellence


The most well-known function of a Center of Excellence is to provide oversight and guidance across the activities that occur within its purview.

Coordinate development across global teams and gain insight across your practice.


Stratosphere connects the entire spectrum of Pega resources by mapping individual enablement plans that trace directly to program-level staffing and forecasting. This helps your organization scale with demand, lower its development costs, and become self-directing and self-reliant.

Team roles & responsibilities are configured to align skills, staff levels, and demand for development.


The ultimate goal of any Center of Excellence is operational efficiency, and that means enhancing your capacity to deliver more projects with fewer resources. While commonly associated with the initiation of a program or project, ongoing support and oversight is required to ensure continuing benefits, adherence to best practices, and effective reuse.

Strato + Pega

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