Success in the Public Sector

Stratosphere Consulting provides exceptional expertise for both state and federal government organizations. We have led the implementation of state and federal government applications on the Pega platform since our inception, and have a unique understanding of the perspectives and operational needs of government agencies and the constituents they serve.


Government agencies issue licenses and permits for a number of personal, professional, and regulatory reasons. We have implemented a number of licensing applications across multiple state agencies using the power of the Pega platform to deliver a thoughtful and engaging constituent experience.

As part of our focus on public sector licensing, we offer the Stratosphere Licensing Platform built on the Pega platform to help accelerate the digital transformation of your licensing programs to provide a more seamless, efficient, and constituent-focused experience.

Strato + Pega

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Would you like to talk about your organization's plan for digital transformation? We have years of experience delivering on the promise of the Pega platform and believe we can help you achieve those goals.