Industry Experience

At Stratosphere, we have a breadth of experience across a number of industry verticals and segments, a strength that empowers innovative solutions by drawing on both internal and external knowledge of your specific industry. 

Pega Customer Service

Drive personalized service across a unified platform and omni-channel experience, integrating email, SMS, and call center technologies that integrate your internal systems to provide best in class customer experiences.

Pega Marketing

Using Pega’s Next Best Action® allows your organization to present the right offers to the right people at the right time in the customer journey to help maximize their potential.

Pega Decision Hub

Aggregate and act on your company’s data with the Pega Decision Hub, leveraging artifical intelligence (AI) and predictive intelligence (PI) to make better decisions.

Sales Automation

Drive more effective sales through the power of Pega’s Sales Automation platform, leveraging AI to drive retention and acquisition through the sales funnel. Define Organizations, Accounts, and Opportunities and track them all with integrated reporting dashboards.

Strato + Pega

Let's Talk

Would you like to talk about your organization's plan for digital transformation? We have years of experience delivering on the promise of the Pega platform and believe we can help you achieve those goals.