Why Search

Your users have become accustomed to finding exactly what they want on their computers and the Internet and lightning fast. How do you bring that same level of transparency, discoverability, and simplicity to the Cases and Data in your Pega applications?

Stratosphere Elasticsearch

Stratosphere Elasticsearch provides a drop-in solution allowing deep integration between Pega Infinity and Elasticsearch with the knobs and levers you can use to tailor the user experience to ensure that the right information is surfaced for each unique context and situation your application contains: from Global Search of all content down to specific as-you-type searches to find related information on a Case.

With STC Search
You Can

STC Search STC Search STC Search
  • Search the full content of all the Cases and Data in your Pega applications quickly and easily
  • Perform global, targeted, and as-you-type searches to fit the needs of any aspect of your application
  • Apply fuzziness and phonetics to your search
  • Boost results based on keywords, pattern recognition, and context to tailor results to the user's immediate needs
  • Facet your results to allow lightning-quick, in-place filtering
  • Allow complex global queries with full access to the Elastic Query Syntax
  • Save common searches as reusable reports and share them with other users
  • Keep your index up-to-date in real time (both updates and removals)
  • Determine which records should be added to the index using standard conditions
  • Include content from external systems in your Pega searches
  • Show your users why each record was included in their results with highlighting
  • Customize how each type of result is displayed to provide the right information to allow your users to know they've found what they need
  • Create per-application indexed data sets, or share your content across applications
  • Built-in pagination
  • Integrate with internal - and external Elasticsearch clusters

Strato + Pega

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