Why Geospatial

Since the advent of smartphones combined with GPS, we have grown accustomed to persistent awareness of where we are. Where we are relative to our cars, where we are relative to a particular store, where we are relative to one another. Why should our business systems not also share that awareness?

Stratosphere Geospatial

Stratosphere Geospatial provides a drop-in solution allowing deep integration between Pega Infinity and the ESRI ArcGIS platform and expansive configuration options allowing your users to interact with geo data, case data, and one another.

With Stratosphere Geospatial
You Can

stc geospatial icon stc geospatial icon stc geospatial icon
  • Display data from any ESRI portal and feature layer to which you have access including Stream Layers with live tracking updates
  • Include any data from your Pega Cases and Data that is geospatially tagged
  • Search all of the data displayed on the map
  • Create clusters of items on the map that expand into the individual features as you zoom in
  • Get directions with as many waypoints as you need
  • Click anywhere on the map to highlight the data points that fall within a specified range
  • Calculate the serviceable areas within a provided driving time of a given point on the map
  • Draw paths and shapes on the map and add notes to them
  • Drop pins on the map to denote important places and events
  • Share pins and drawings with other users of the system
  • Measure both distances and areas on the map
  • Configure actions within Pega for data points on the map (either dropped pins or those added from included layers)
  • Gather key information about how your geospatial integrations are being used to help better tailor your users’ experience

Strato + Pega

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