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You've invested a lot in the applications that run your operations. How do you know that you're getting the best efficiencies out of the technology you're using as you create new tools or update existing ones with new functionality? How do you know if you're spending to solve the same problems over and over again?

Stratosphere Reuse Studio

The Stratosphere Reuse Studio is a turn-key application built on top of the Pega Infinity Platform that allows you to track the software components (Assets) you've created down to the individual versions and features, and publish them in an App Store-like marketplace for other programs and projects within your organization to find and reuse. It provides a social solution for letting your teams suggest new features and to help gather insight into which of those suggestions will provide the most benefit. This all rolls up into quantitative return-on-investment numbers to help you further manage your reuse strategy.

With Stratosphere Reuse Studio
You Can

Stratosphere Reuse Studio Stratosphere Reuse Studio Stratosphere Reuse Studio
  • Define the Programs and Projects that exist, and allow them to  submit new Assets and register to reuse existing assets
  • Create a searchable marketplace of all the Assets your organization has published
  • Publish new Versions of an Asset listing out the specific features that have been added, changed, or removed
  • Track the investments you have made in any given Asset against the return on that investment realized through its reuse in various Programs
  • Gather community-sourced feature requests that can be reviewed and tracked through to implementation in an Asset Version
  • Open a feature request up to community feedback to determine how valuable the feature might be to potential users
  • Allow Programs and Projects to register their reuse of Assets for either evaluation or implementation
  • Get a real-time feed of important occurrences within the COE Studio - from the submission of new feature requests on Assets your team uses, to the publication of new Assets on the marketplace

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