We bring you to a Higher Level

Our mission is to make organizations more efficient, work more meaningful, and engagements more impactful. We use the power of digital transformation on the Pega Infinity® platform to empower business leaders, their employees, and their customers.

Technical Expertise

Stratosphere is built on the premise that better people deliver better results. Our expertise results in a higher quality deliverable that less experienced resources simply cannot provide, leading to more successful projects with greater reuse and a lower total cost of ownership.

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Our Process

We believe that great resources allow you to do more work with fewer people. You need skilled individuals that are capable of independent action and complex problem solving. Our approach focuses on four key areas of excellence.





Strato + Pega

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Would you like to talk about your organization's plan for digital transformation? We have years of experience delivering on the promise of the Pega platform. How can we help you?